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EpiWave™ Ultimate Ultrasonic Facial


The EpiWave™ Ultimate Ultrasonic Facial uses cutting edge ultrasonic technology that utilizes low frequency sound waves in a 3 stage process to repair the skin at the cellular level. Repairs skin, cleans up acne, manages rosacea, reduces pore size, reduces wrinkles, and reduces hyper-pigmentation.

Ultrasonic Facial Process
1. First step: Cavitating pores with gentle sound waves. What is left is cleaned and exfoliated skin that is ready for nourishment.
2. Second step: Sonophoresis. Is ultrasound waves that open microscopic pathways between cells through which nutrient rich treatments based on your individual skin needs, can penetrate.
3. Third Step: Micro-Current. A painless therapy supplying low-level current, such as that found naturally in the body, reaching injured cell and restoring them to normal balance and function.

Duration:1 Hour and 15 Minutes

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